“Your Journey of Discovery continues¬†…”

Continue your journey of discovery on the advanced survival practical skills development course.

On this course you will apply all the principles learned on the basic survival course and the focus
is on mastering skills at your own pace and ability. Instructors will skillfully demonstrate skills
and provide advise and guidance to allow you to overcome your challenges on the course.

This course is structured to allow individual attention from the instructor to guarantee growth of
the student to get the most from this amazing course.

What skills is covered on the course ?
* BASIC SKILLS recap. We make sure you know the basics.
* EMERGENCY SHELTERS. Sleeping outside with the bare minimum kit.
* SURVIVAL KITS. Pack your own compact personal survival kit.
* WATER. Setting up a solar still and transpiration bags. Filtering, boiling and purifying.
* FIRE LIGHTING. Master firesteel fire lighting including one-handed and blindfold.
* SHELTERS. Thermal body regulation through shelter site selection and protection.
* FOOD. Edibility test and wild foods foraging.
* TRAPS. Building and setting up traps and snares for food.
* GAME SKINNING. Skin and prepare your own food.
* FIELD HYGIENE. Looking after yourself in the outdoors.
* SURVIVAL PSYCHOLOGY. Finding out how to cope in a survival situation.
* NAVIGATION. Basic map and compass including natural navigation.
* RESCUE. Building and lighting a rescue signal fire.

You pack your own compact survival kit and bring your own food rations for this course. A survival basha shelter is provided and you will sleep under a tree in the bush.

This course is open to students that have completed the Basic Survival course …

Course Duration : 2 Days / 2 Nights

Course Price : R1395-00

Treat yourself, bring a FRIEND or buy this course as a GIFT to someone special ! GIFT VOUCHER available.

Basha shelter accommodation, certification and course badge is included.

Maximum 15 students per course … Limited space available … Book NOW !

2019 Course dates : 15-17 February / 18-19 May / 16-17 August / 8-10 November

Advanced Survival Course Website (15-17 Feb)
Advanced Survival Course Kit List

” The ADVANCED SURVIVAL Course is a personal skills development course and you will leave this course with a deep understanding of survival. You will face your challenges and with the guidance of professional instructors you will master the skills and overcome these challenges !”

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