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On this online course you will learn how to recognize and survive emergencies and disasters. You will also learn how to protect yourself against attack and threats and you will learn how to pack a bug-out survival kit.

It is not always possible to attend a practical survival course due to time restrictions and travel expenses. Boswa Survival now makes it possible for anyone to complete this valuable and amazing course from anywhere in the world ! This course is endorsed by STASA (The Survival Training Association of South Africa)

This course is open to anyone regardless of age or ability and you will learn the important skills to stay alive in the outdoors.
This is an awesome course that everyone should do !

Course Information


This course is endorsed by STASA (Survival Training Association of South Africa) and you will receive an official STASA certificate !

Available any time online anywhere in the world.

Unlimited. Complete the course in your own time with no time limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No there is no time limit. You complete the course in your own time and can log out and continue another day.

Your progress will be saved !

You will learn all the important principles of surviving in the outdoors.

Yes you can do this course from other countries, you can simply buy the course from our online shop and do the course from your home anywhere in the world !

The survival principles learned on this course include:

  • Recognizing emergencies and disasters
  • Dealing with an emergency
  • Surviving natural disasters
  • Surviving political unrest
  • Protecting yourself against personal attack
  • Self-defense
  • The law
  • How to use and legally own a firearm
  • Packing a survival bug out kit

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