Welcome to STASA (Survival Training Association of South Africa)

Boswa Survival is South-Africa’s leading survival training academy and we are proud to bring you STASA to establish a professional training standard for survival training in South-Africa.

“Discover the incredible world of survival on this 1-day outdoor survival course”

STASA – Our vision

Survival training is a necessity for anyone exploring or travelling in the outdoors.

The world over, survival skills are diverse and sometimes contradicting. Our vision is to SIMPLIFY and CLARIFY survival skills to ensure that our Instructors and Rangers teach you only tried and tested skills !

When you complete a STASA Boswa Survival training course, you will receive a standard of training that is worth adding to your CV !

STASA Membership


STASA Membership is FREE.

STASA membership is FREE and you will autoatically become a STASA member once you have completed a Boswa Survival course.

No payment required.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you complete any Boswa Survival training course, you will automatically become a member of STASA.

STASA membership is FREE !

When you are a member of STASA, you will be able to add professional qualifications to your CV for any course that you complete with Boswa Survival.

You need to book the SURVIVAL RANGER course and complete the course with Boswa Survival.

You will have to complete the RANGER course and then choose your specialty field. We will then train you to be able to teach that subject of survival and you will become a Course Instructor !

Yes. When you have completed the RANGER course, you will be able to start teaching courses under Boswa Survival at our training branches.

Benefits of becoming a STASA member:

When you become a STASA member you will enjoy the following benefits :

  • Become a member of South-Africa’s only accredited survival association.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of having completed professional internationally recognized qualifications.
  • Add value to your training qualifications by adding qualifications to your CV.
  • Receive a letter of endorsement for your CV from Boswa Survival.

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“Become a professional in the amazing field of Survival”