Discover Survival Course

This course is for complete beginners that want to learn skills and find out what survival is all about. Ideal for families and as a holiday course experience.

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Basic Survival Course

This is our most popular course and is for anyone that want to learn all the principles of survival. Ideal for anyone wanting to learn survival in a single weekend.

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Navigation Course

This is a must-do course for anyone spending time in the outdoors. You will learn how to use a map and compass and how to navigate with nature signs.

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Bush Medic Course

This course will teach you how to treat medical emergencies in the outdoors where you are far from professional medical services. This course can save a life.

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Knife Making Course

This is a very popular course where you will make a great survival knife in just 1-day ! Ideal as a father-and-son bonding activity or as a gift for someone you care about.

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Bushcraft Course

This primitive skills course is ideal for anyone that want to become a complete outdoorsman. You will learn how to use what nature can provide to make tools and kit.

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Self Defense Course

This course is for anyone regardless of age or ability and this is a course that anyone must do ! You will learn how to protect yourself and your family !

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Kids Survival Course

This is the best experience course that your kid will ever have ! This is a very popular course and ideal for kids of all ages that want to learn survival skills like Bear Grylls !

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Kids Survival Parties

Our survival birthday parties are unique in that kids have an amazing learning adventure and go away from this experience with great survival skills !

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