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13-14 July 2024

Western Cape & Gauteng

BASIC Survival Course

This complete 2-day practical survival course is open to anyone regardless of age or experience.

On this internationally accredited training course you will learn how to survive in the outdoors and the skills you will learn include …

  • The basic human needs for survival.

  • How to select and pack your own survival kit.

  • How to select and safely use a survival knife.

  • How to make fire using modern and primitive techniques.

  • How to make rope from natural plant materials.

  • How to tie survival knots.

  • How to find shelter in the outdoors.

  • How to find food and set traps and snares.

  • How to find, filter and purify water.

  • How to navigate using signs of nature.

  • How to use rescue signals to get rescued.

Student reviews (7)

” Attending a survival course was something that I wanted to do for a very long time and when I found Boswa survival on the internet, I immediately booked for the Basic survival course. I completed the course and I will never look back. It was a great experience and the course taught me so much about myself, survival and the outdoors. “
Wikus Lamprecht, 20 April 2024

“Life is a rollercoaster, and I attended this course to allow myself the time to escape the rollercoaster.  The weekend away from the world and technology allowed me to re-center myself, and to think critically about what I spend my time on, which empowered me to immediately make some adjustments to my daily activities.”

Alta Nell, 19 April 2024

“I really enjoyed the basic survival course. Being out in the bush and learning basic rules of survival, some of which include starting fires, doing wood crafts, and making shelter. This course gave me a basic outline of what is required to sustain oneself in the bush. It was a fun and informative course. Looking forward to more of these.”

Bjorn Jansen, 10 April 2024

“We were on the basic survival as a family of 5 (2 adults; 3 children) It was great and we really learned a lot. As a family it helped us to work together, help each other and emotionally supporting one another. We believe it is important to do this course  with your children, for they are our future generation and our children really need to be ready now more than ever to survive in all circumstances. This course will open your eyes in many ways and will really help you to appreciate more in many areas of your life. We want to give all thanks and glory to God Almighty (Jesus Christ) who helped and guided us through this life changing experience. Nothing is possible without God!”

Ernst van Jaarsveld, 17 March 2024

“This was the greatest experience that I will cherish for a long time. I learned so much on this course and I feel prepared and ready for any outdoor adventure. Highly recommended !”

Gert Kok, 18 September 2023

“Incredible experience and the overall feel of the course was very professional and informative. I learned more than I expected and it was a weekend well spend. I would definitely recommend this course.”

Michael Naude, 20 July 2023

“I booked for the basic survival course with my son and wanted to spend some time with him in the outdoors doing something fun. This course opened my eyes to survival and I never though there was so many skills that can be learned in a single weekend. I spend quality time with my son and the teaching of our instructor was highly professional.”

Johan du Preez, 5 May 2023



STASA Certification, course meals, shelter tarp accommodation and course badge included.


13-14 July / 3-4 August / 7-8 September / 5-6 October / 2-3 November / 7-8 December


11-12 January / 1-2 February / 8-9 March / 5-6 April / 10-11 May / 14-15 June / 5-6 July / 2-3 August / 6-7 September / 4-5 October / 1-2 November / 6-7 December

This course is a 2-day and 1-night survival course.

We start at 08h00 on day 1 and finish at 12h00 on day 2.

You will need the following kit to complete the course :

  • Survival knife

  • Water bottle

  • Cooking pot & spoon

  • Headlamp or torch

  • Sleeping bag

  • Groundsheet

  • Warm jacket

  • Hat or cap

  • Notebook and pen

We provide waterproof survival shelter tarps where you will sleep warm and dry.

We now have safari tent accommodation option available at the Western Cape branch at R500 per tent. Sleeps 2 people.

We provide modern food in the form of nutritious survival meals and you will not be expected to eat insects or anything that you do not want to. 

The food is vegetarian friendly.

Simply e-mail us at to book your place.

We will send you an invoice for secure EFT payment to confirm your place.

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