Your passport to adventure and South-Africa’s only accredited and leading outdoor and online survival training academy.


South-Africa’s leading outdoor and online survival training academy.

Boswa survival specialize in providing hands-on practical outdoor survival courses from beginners to professionals, for individuals, groups, adults, kids and families. Our range of professional STASA accredited outdoor and online training courses will teach you all the fundamentals of bushcraft and survival.

It is not always possible to attend a practical outdoor course for various reasons and our online survival courses give you the opportunity to complete accredited courses in the comfort of your home or office, from anywhere in the world.

Boswa Survival is a school of Wilderness Bushcraft and Survival where we teach people from all walks of life how to survive in the wild.

Boswa was established by Herman Roos in 2007, and after 14 years of training more than 3000 students we are South-Africa’s only accredited and leading survival school.

Herman shares his knowledge and skill with students on practical outdoor survival courses and believes that everyone should learn these amazing skills. For those unable to attend a practical course at Boswa, Herman has created a range of STASA accredited online courses that will teach you the fundamentals of bushcraft and survival.

He have also been involved in expeditions and television filming where his expertise in survival was featured or needed.
Training people in the art of survival is our passion and and we welcome people from all walks of life to learn incredible new skills.

We believe that today’s kids are tomorrow’s heroes and leaders and therefore take pride in training even kids from a very early stage in the art of survival.

BOSWA stands for Bushcraft on Safari Wilderness Adventures and we believe that anyone from anywhere in the world should experience the burning ember of adventure on our courses.

We hope to welcome you around the campfire soon and we are honored to share in jour journey of discovery into the incredible world of Bushcraft and Survival and we will guide you every step of the way.

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“Sometimes God will move a mountain because you believe that He can, but most of the time God will make you climb the mountain because He believe that you can.”

Boswa Survival has safety measures in place to ensure social distancing and precautions against COVID-19