About Boswa Survival

Boswa Survival was established by Herman Roos in 2007 as an internationally accredited training academy and we have trained more than 4300 students on our outdoor survival and adventure courses that range from complete beginner to professional career qualifications.

Our survival courses will teach you the outdoor skills that you will need to be able to safely explore wild and remote natural environments and our adventure life skills camps will equip you with the necessary life skills to be able to enjoy a full and adventurous life through facing your challenges and growing as an individual in a very challenging world.

The focus of our courses and skills camps is to give young students the life skills to be able to face challenges, overcome them and to discover that they have what it takes to survive life !

Why choose Boswa Survival ?


All Boswa courses and life skills camps are designed by Herman Roos, the founder and chief instructor of Boswa Survival. – Herman is a life coach that teaches you as an individual, through adventure and survival, how to face challenges and discover your true self to enable you to deal with past disappointments, to make the necessary changes and to discover that you are STRONGER than you think and that you CAN overcome ANYTHING life throws at you.


For all survival and adventure training qualifications that you complete through Boswa Survival, you will receive official STASA qualification certification that is internationally accredited through the Survival Training Association of South Africa. You can add all qualifications you receive from us to your CV !


When you have completed a course of camp with Boswa Survival, you will become a member of our family ! Most students continue their training and become rangers and instructors and we are proud to have grown an amazing family of incredible students over the years !

Training Branches

Boswa Survival now have 2 training branches that offer students a unique opportunity to experience a variety of incredible wilderness locations with breathtaking scenery.

Western Cape, Gouritsmond

Gauteng, Hekpoort

Meet our Instructors

Our dedicated team of accredited and friendly instructors  have all been trained to the highest standard and they are dedicated leaders with extensive experience in outdoor survival and adventure training.

Herman Roos

Herman is the owner and founder of Boswa Survival and he has more than 20 years experience exploring most of the extreme environments on our planet.

Riana Eloff

Riana qualified as our first lady instructor and she is extremely competent and knowledgable. She has a passion for medical training and is our bush medic and first aid instructor.

Mike Henning

Mike is an adventurer at heart and he is a senior instructor at the Gauteng branch. He spend most of his time on extreme trails running or riding his mountain bike.

Jeremi Vogel

Jeremy is passionate about survival training and he is our expert knifemaking instructor at the Gauteng branch. He has extensice experience in training and outdoor skills.

Marius Steyl

Marius is a medical doctor and our ambassador in Canada. Having trained with Boswa Survival as instructor, he studies northern hemisphere skills for Boswa.

Marius Steyn

Marius is a natural survivalist and qualified as an instructor in record time. He teaches at the Gauteng training branch and his easy manner makes him a great instructor.

Jacques Pretorius

Jacques is living the dream with his lovely wife Jill on their beautiful bushveld farm in Limpopo. A senior instructor at Boswa, Jacques regulary teaches at the Gauteng branch.

Pieter vd Walt

Pieter is an enthusiastic and experienced adventurer and off-road motorcycle rider and enjoys exploring remote environments. He teaches at the Gauteng training branch.