Instructors teaching on courses at Boswa Survival

Herman Roos

Herman is the founder and owner of Boswa Survival having survived in most extreme environments on our planet and training students in the art of survival for more than 20 years.

Marius Steyl

Marius is a medical doctor by profession and now lives in Canada where he still explores the outdoors and continue to learn survival skills. He teaches at Boswa when he is in South-Africa.

Mike Henning

Mike is an adventurer who regularly runs and cycles hundreds of kilometers over extreme terrain. He teaches full-time at Boswa as an instructor on course at the Gauteng training branch.

Jacques Pretorius

Jacques lives and teaches survival on his amazing game farm in Limpopo. He comes from a military background and his easy manner creates an awesome training environment for students.

Pieter van der Walt

Pieter is an enthusiastic and experienced adventurer and off-road motorcycle rider and enjoys exploring remote environments. He teaches survival regularly at the Gauteng training branch.

Riana Eloff

Riana qualified as our first lady instructor and she is extremely competent and knowledgable. She has a passion for medical training and is our bush medic and first aid instructor.

Jeremi Vogel

Jeremi is a scientist, adventurer and dedicated survival instructor. He is our dedicated knife making instructor and teaches Boswa knifemaking courses regularly at the Gauteng training branch.

Marius Steyn

Marius is a natural survivalist and qualified as an instructor in record time. He regularly teaches on courses at the Gauteng training branch and his easy manner makes him a great instructor.


Instructors not currently teaching on Boswa courses

Wian van Eyk

Instructor BSI-22-06

Pieter van Zyl

Instructor BSI-22-10

Francois Potgieter

Instructor BSI-22-11

Abdull Rahhal

Instructor BSI-22-12

Gordon Grobler

Instructor BSI-22-13

Justin Gates

Instructor BSI-22-14

Louis Coetzee

Instructor BSI-22-15

Tyron Bergh

Instructor BSI-22-16

Riaan Fourie

Instructor BSI-22-17

Cole Conway

Instructor BSI-22-18

Ruwe Kapp

Instructor BSI-22-19

Danie Truter

Instructor BSI-22-20

Lee de Beer

Instructor BSI-22-21

Nelis Theron

Instructor BSI-22-22

Pieter Booysen

Instructor BSI-22-24

Gavin Romburgh

Instructor BSI-22-25

Clarise du Plessis

Instructor BSI-22-26

Arlon McCoy

Instructor BSI-22-27