Herman Roos
Herman RoosChief Survival Instructor
Instructor Ranking: BSI-07-01

Herman is the owner and founder of Boswa Survival and he has been training students in the art of survival for more than 15 years.

He has survived in in most of the extreme environments on our planet and has extensive experience in arctic, jungle, ocean, coastal, bushveld, mountain and desert survival.

Herman is a full-time survival instructor, dive master, expedition leader, climbing instructor, canoe instructor, snake handler, medic, sea rescue specialist, mountain rescue specialist, SAMSA ocean skipper, cave diver, sky diver, lifeguard and adventure writer.

Herman is an extreme adventurer having claimed epic mountains, dived into extreme depths, explored caves and survived many extraordinary adventures. He lives a life most people only dream of

Marius Steyl
Marius SteylSenior Survival Instructor
Instructor Ranking: BSI-10-02

Marius is a medical doctor by profession but survival and bushcraft is his passion.

Marius has formalized his instructor rating at Boswa Survival nd have put in tough dirt time to learn the skills that he freely shares with students.

His knowledge and level of competence is legendary and he believes that even the best instructor can learn from students… It is this humble philosophy that makes him a great survival instructor.

Marius lives and works in Canada where he continues to learn from some of the best instructors in the world.

Marius is our 1st senior instructor with his ability and willingness to help train our Elite Survival Rangers and he continues to be a great part of the Boswa Team.

Mike Henning
Mike HenningSurvival Instructor
Instructor Ranking: BSI-15-03

Mike is an adventurer at heart that regularly runs 100’s of kilometers in extreme weather conditions over rough and inhospitable terrain as part of his passion for trail running and cycling.

Mike is as humble and down-to-earth as they get and with his “keeping-things-simple” approach he practices what he preaches when he wears his kilt and sandals in the field.

As an instructor Mike has extensive skills and knowledge of the human body and how we endure challenges in both body and mind.

Mike has earned his instructor badge with dirt-time teaching on Boswa survival courses for several years and his easy and approachable personality makes him a very popular instructor.

Jacques Pretorius
Jacques PretoriusSurvival Instructor
Instructor Ranking: BSI-19-04

Jacques is a dedicated and humble instructor.

He has earned his instructor badge through dedication and patience spending countless hours on courses and on personal training.

Jacques is a veteran Ops Medic from the South-African border war era and he has extensive knowledge and experience on African Bush skills.

A natural teacher and navigation specialist, Jacques teaches students on course in an easy and very professional manner, spending individual time with any student that requires more training on any survival subject.

Jacques owns and runs the Boswa Limpopo Branch on his farm in Bela-Bela.


Willem vd Nest
Willem vd NestSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-16-04
Anthony Raison
Anthony RaisonSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-16-05
Richter Barkley
Richter BarkleySurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-16-06
Dean Swart
Dean SwartSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-17-08
Deon Groenewald
Deon GroenewaldSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-17-09
Pieter jv Rendburg
Pieter jv RendburgSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-17-10
Courtney Smith
Courtney SmithSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-15
Mark Voges
Mark VogesSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-16
Ethan Smith
Ethan SmithSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-17-11
Jan Venter
Jan VenterSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-17-12
Thinus Smith
Thinus SmithSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-17-13
Jill McDaniel
Jill McDanielSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-14
Leon can Aswegen
Leon can AswegenSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-17
Morne Viljoen
Morne ViljoenSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-18
Jason Stellmacher
Jason StellmacherSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-19
Michael Diers
Michael DiersSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-22
Brandon Diers
Brandon DiersSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-23
Candice le Sueur
Candice le SueurSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-18-24
Nathan Maingard
Nathan MaingardSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-30
Carly Esterhuyzen
Carly EsterhuyzenSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-31
Frans Vermaak
Frans VermaakSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-32
Michael Lourenco
Michael LourencoSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-33
Marjorie White
Marjorie WhiteSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-34
John EngelBrecht
John EngelBrechtSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-35
Johan van Rooyen
Johan van RooyenSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-36
Scott Krake
Scott KrakeSurvival Ranger
Ranger No: BSR-19-37