” A journey of a thouand miles begins with a single step “

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3 August 2024

Western Cape & Gauteng

1 DAY Survival Course

This complete 1-day practical survival course is open to anyone regardless of age or experience.

On this internationally accredited training course you will learn how to survive in the outdoors and the skills you will learn include …

  • The basic human needs for survival.

  • How to select and pack your own survival kit.

  • How to select and safely use a survival knife.

  • How to make fire using modern and primitive techniques.

  • How to make rope from natural plant materials.

  • How to tie survival knots.

  • How to find shelter in the outdoors.

  • How to find food and set traps and snares.

  • How to find, filter and purify water.

Student reviews (12)

” This was the best course that I have ever done ! “

Logan Els, 7 March 2020

“I took my kids on this survival course and we have had fun and a great day out together. Highly recommended “

Nadia Padayachee, 14 March 2020

“I got this survival course for my birthday as a gift and it was the best present ever !”

Juan van der West, 15 August 2020
“My family joined me on this adventure survival day and we have experienced training of the best caliber. It was a great day and we learned great skills ”
Ross Heningway, 14 August 2021

“I joined this course as a birthday party gift and I really enjoyed myself with my friends “

Stefan Scholz, 4 September 2021

“This was a awesome course and I learned some of the best survival skills.”

Daniel Prinsloo, 22 January 2022

“I booked this course and I was glad that I did. The instructor is very experienced and the overall training was great.”

Elsabie Goosen, 12 February 2022
” I was part of this course with my friends and we had so much fun learning amazing and valuable skills. “
Hannes Raath, 7 January 2023
” My family did this course with Boswa and we have spend a very special day together learning about survival. I would recommend this course to anyone that want to learn skills and spend time with family and friends. “
Louis van Maanen, 9 December 2023

“We did this course as a family and bonded over the campfire learning incredible survival skills. “

Adele Bouwer, 6 April 2024

” Joining a Boswa course is a truly liberating experience as you discover your strengths and challenges in a positive environment. “

Myles Williams, 7 May 2024

” I enjoyed myself on this course and I am glad that I took the time to book and attend as I learned skills I never though possible. “

Liam Smit, 7 May 2024



STASA Certification, lunch, and course badge included.


3 August / 7 September / 5 October / 2 November / 7 December


11 January / 1 February / 8 March / 5 April / 10 May / 14 June / 5 July / 2 August / 6 September / 4 October / 1 November / 6 December

This course is a 1-day survival course.

We start at 08h00 and finish at 16h00.

You will need the following kit to complete the course :

  • Survival knife

  • Water bottle

  • Cooking pot & spoon

  • Hat or cap

  • Notebook and pen

This is a 1-day course and you will not sleep over on the course.

We provide a lunch and you will not be expected to eat any insects or weird food.

Simply e-mail us at enquiries@boswa.co.za to book your place.

We will send you an invoice for secure EFT payment to confirm your place.

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” A journey of a thousand miles, start with a single step “