” A journey of a thouand miles begins with a single step “

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12-13 Oct 2024

Western Cape & Gauteng

2 DAY Navigation Course

This complete 2-day practical navigation course is open to anyone over the age of 10 years.

On this internationally accredited training course you will learn how to navigate accurately in the outdoors and the skills you will learn include …

  • The history and principles of navigation.

  • Reading a navigation map.

  • How to select and use a magnetic baseplate compass.

  • How to work out and use declination for bearings.

  • How to take bearings from your map to compass.

  • How to take bearings from your compass to map.

  • How to do triangulation bearings to find your location.

  • How to use nature signs to navigate.

  • How to make an outdoor compass in the field.

Student reviews (7)

” I did the navigation course as part of my ranger course and this was one of my favourite training days. Learning to navigate is awesome !”
Jan Wojeck, 20 September 2021
“I did this course with my son and we have both learned amazing skills together and will definitely use the skills learned to spend more time in the outdoors together”
Michael Labuschagne, 15 October 2022
“This was the best course that I have ever done”
Nadia Fredericks, 15 October 2022
“I always felt unsure about knowing where I am in the outdoors and this made me unsure and unwilling to take trips into the outdoors. I did this course to learn how to navigate and I will now be able to navigate in the field after this course.
Hani Williams, 22 July 2023
“I joined this course with my friends and the skills that I learned will definitely come in handy on my outdoor adventures”
Matthew Erasmus, 22 July 2023
“I did the navigation course with my husband and before the course I was very unsure if I will ever be able to learn how to use a map and compass. This course is incredible and teaches you from beginner to a very high level. Highly recommended course “
Philna Munnik, 11 December 2023

” I completed this course with my wife and we are now confident to be able to navigate in the outdoors “

Kemp Munnik, 11 December 2023



STASA Certification,meals. survival tarps, and course badge included.


12-13 October


19-20 April / 11-12 October

This course is a 2-day survival course.

We start at 09h00 on day 1 and finish at 12h00 on day 2.

You will need the following kit to complete the course :

  • Baseplate compass

  • Water bottle

  • Sleeping bag

  • Groundsheet

  • Hat or cap

  • Notebook and pen

The kit list of items needed is available to dowload from this course page.

On this course you will sleep under waterproof survival tarps.

At the Western Cape training branch we have safari tent accommodation available as an optional extra should you prefer to sleep more comfortably. Contact us for prices.

We provide survival campfire food for this course. You will not eat any insects etc and you are also welcome to bring your own meals if you wish.

Simply e-mail us at to book your place.

We will send you an invoice for secure EFT payment to confirm your place.

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” A journey of a thousand miles, start with a single step “