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20-22 Sep 2024

Western Cape & Gauteng

3 DAY Survival Course

This 3-day practical survival course is open to anyone that have completed the basic survival course.

On this internationally accredited training course you will continue your training and develop your own style of survival by facing your challenges. On the course you will learn …

  • How to pack your own complete survival kit.

  • How to use your knife and cutting tools to create tools for survival.

  • How to sharpen your knife at basecamp and in the field.

  • How to make fire with your own friction fire set.

  • How to skin an animal in the field.

  • How to identify and cook edible food for survival.

  • How to build a shelter and spend your nights in the shelter.

  • How to set traps for animals and how to catch fish.

  • How to make water with transpiration.

  • How to build a signal fire for rescue.

Student reviews (7)

” This was the best course that I have ever done with Boswa so far “
Zander de Kock, 23 January 2022
” I did this course with my partner Pierre and we have had an amazing time on the course learning amazing skills “
Lee de Beer, 16 October 2022
“I completed the advanced course in Gauteng at the Boswa basecamp and it was one of the best experience sthat I ever had “
Johan Fritz, 15 January 2023
“ I struggled with my confidence in the outdoors until I did this course. I have experienced abilities that I did not know I had and I feel much more confident in the field now ”
Gavin Romburgh, 16 October 2023
“I did this course with my partner and we have learned how to work together towards common goals. The instructor guided us perfectly through this process “
Nadeem Hendricks, 11 February 2024

” This course taught me how to face my challenges and to overcome my fears “

Myles, 7 May 2024

” I completed the advanced course as part of my ranger course and it helped me to gain confidence in my abilities “

Liam Smit, 7 May 2024



STASA Certification, shelter accommodation, food, and course badge included.

20-22 September 2024

14-16 March 2025

25-27 July 2025

This course is a 3-day survival course.

We start at 18h00 on day 1 and finish at 12h00 on day 3.

You will need the following kit to complete the course :

  • Survival knife

  • Firesteel

  • 15ft Paracord

  • Folding saw

  • Water bottle

  • Cooking pot

  • Mug & spoon

  • Headlamp

  • Sleeping bag

  • Groundsheet

  • Warm jacket

  • Hat or cap

  • Notebook and pen

On this course you will build a survival shelter and sleep in the shelter as part of the course experience.

We provide food in the form of survival rations and you will have to prepare your food on the camp fire.

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We will send you an invoice for secure EFT payment to confirm your place.

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