“Your journey of discovery begins here”

Begin your journey of discovery on this weekend survival course where  you will learn all the basic principles of survival from a safe and comfortable bush camp.

Survival skills are expertly demonstrated by our instructors before you try the skills yourself.  This course is not an endurance course but is designed to teach you important survival skills while you enjoy a great weekend in the outdoors.


  • How to survive in the outdoors.
  • How to pack your own survival kit.
  • How to safely use your knife.
  • How to select and prepare natural tinder.
  • How to light a fire using a firesteel.
  • How to light a fire with friction.
  • How to build a shelter.
  • How to find and purify water.
  • How to find safe food in the wild.
  • How to set up traps and snares.
  • How to make rope from plants.
  • How to navigate with nature signs.
  • How to get rescued.

This course is open to anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Kids under 16 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult.

Course Duration : 2 Days / 1 Night ( Saturday 08h00 – Sunday 12h00 )

Course Price : R1295-00 (Food rations, logbook, certification and course badge included )

2020 Course dates : 7-8 November / 12-13 December

2021 Course dates : 9-10 January / 6-7 February / 13-14 March / 3-4 April / 1-2 May / 5-6 June / 3-4 July / 7-8 August / 4-5 September / 2-3 October/ 6-7 November / 4-5 December

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