“Begin your journey of discovery …”

Begin your journey of discovery on this weekend survival course where  you will learn all the principles of survival from a safe and comfortable outdoor bush camp where you will sleep on the ground under a waterproof survival shelter.

Survival skills are expertly demonstrated and explained by our instructors before you try the skills yourself.  This course is structured to allow student interaction with the instructor to encourage a student to challenge his/her own abilities and to master skills at their own pace.  Anyone is welcome to join this course regardless of age or ability and no previous experience is required.


  • Life saving survival priorities.
  • Survival principles and applications in the field.
  • Selecting and packing a personal field survival kit.
  • Safe knife handling and cutting techniques.
  • Natural tinder preparation.
  • Fire-steel fire-lighting techniques.
  • Survival shelters and thermal regulation.
  • Edible plants and animals.
  • Traps and snares.
  • Primitive and modern fire-lighting techniques including friction fire.
  • Survival fire-bread preparation
  • Making rope from plants
  • Water collection, filtration and purification.
  • Nature signs and navigation.
  • Emergency rescue signals.

Course Duration : 2 Days / 1 Night ( Saturday 08h00 – Sunday 12h00 )

Course Price : R1295-00 (Food rations, logbook, certification and course badge included )

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2020 Course dates : 4-5 July / 5-6 September / 7-8 November

2021 Course dates : 9-10 January / 13-14 March / 15-16 May / 10-11 July / 4-5 September / 13-14 November

This course is run from a safe and comfortable bush camp in a natural outdoor environment.

Available at all our training branches.

Basic Survival Course (4 Jul)
Basic Survival Course Kit List – Copy

“The BASIC SURVIVAL Course is truly an experience of a lifetime and you will leave this course with a new sense of adventure and with skills and knowledge that could someday save your life !”

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