Discover survival and learn amazing skills on this 6x 1-hour class survival course”

Discover survival and learn amazing skills on this 6x 1-hour class survival course”


Discover what survival is all about on this school survival course where kids will learn amazing survival skills.

This survival course program is presented at your school in 6x 1-hour class sessions.

This beginners course is not an endurance course but is conducted safely at your school where kids get the opportunity to learn survival skills that can save their lives.

This course is open to any kids of any age and the program is presented at the school at the discretion of the school. CONTACT US to arrange for this program to be presented at your school !

Course Information


6x 1-hour classes, Logbook, STASA certification and course badge included.

Please contact us to arrange class dates at your school.

6x 1-hour classes presented at your school.

Starting days and times to be confirmed with each individual school.

This survival course program is suitable for all ages at schools.

Parents pay us directly for their kid’s survival program.

Secure online payment with PayFast through our survival shop
or EFT Direct bank transfer.

E-mail us at for invoice and banking details.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is run safely at your kids school. Please contact us to arrange to have this course presented at your school.

No food is provided for this course and your kid will not be expected to eat weird insects etc unless they want to !

You do not sleep over on this course.

No, you do not need to be fit to do this course as the skills learned does not require a lot of physical activity. You do the skills at your own pace.

Kids don’t need any kit to do the course. Download your optional free printable course kit checklist below to check if you want to buy any kit for the future from our survival shop.

If you are not sure of a kit item, please contact us and we will gladly advise.

Any kid of any age can do this course at the school.

Skills you will acquire on this school course:

  • Surviving in the outdoors
  • Principles of survival.
  • Packing your own survival kit
  • Lighting a fire
  • Finding shelter
  • Finding water
  • Finding food
  • Signaling for rescue
Boswa Survival Basic Survival Course Kit Checklist

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Boswa Survival Basic Survival Course Kit Checklist

Make sure you have everything required for this course and Download Your Free Checklist

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