“Become an Elite Boswa Course Instructor …”

Becoming a Boswa course instructor requires discipline, commitment and unquestionable loyalty. Boswa Survival is South-Africa’s leading survival school and we pride ourselves in having the best instructors trained to an extremely high level of competence. The course instructor program is run exclusively by Herman Roos and the course  program is completed in 3 training stages.


* Theory exam on selective training course.
* Practical on-course evaluation of course sessions.
* Presenting 3 courses as training instructor.
* After successfully completing the 3 required stages you will be awarded the Course Instructor rating for that selective course.
* A student can only complete 1 course rating at a time.
* An additional course fee of R4995 is applicable for every other course a student wish to qualify for after completing the first
selective course.
* After completing all 7 course instructor ratings you will be qualified as an elite BOSWA SURVIVAL INSTRUCTOR !

Course Duration : Own Time … Course Size : Individual Training … Course Price : R14995-00

This course is available only to students who have completed the Ranger program and have shown dedication to Boswa Survival and passion for bushcraft and survival !

To become a course instructor requires discipline, dedication and hard work. You will be awarded with one of the most elite professional outdoor qualifications available anywhere in the world and you will be given the opportunity to become involved with Boswa survival as a career !

Accommodation, Meals, Study Materials, Exams, Certification and Badges are included in the program price.

2019 Course dates : Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a survival instructor.


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“Becoming a Survival Instructor is a personal journey that will test you, challenge you and humble you … to be a true survival instructor means putting your students needs before your own and earn your place as instructor with integrity, passion and humbleness !” Herman Roos – CHIEF INSTRUCTOR BOSWA

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