“Leaders aren’t born, they are MADE …”

Become a Survival Instructor and become part of the Boswa family.

To become an instructor you will have to …

  • Complete the Survival Ranger program.
  • Log 25 hours teaching on SAFE and Basic Survival courses.
  • Pass the Level 1 Ranger exam.
  • Log 25 hours teaching on Bushcraft, Navigation and Bush Medic courses.
  • Pass the Level 2 Ranger exam.
  • Log 25 hours teaching on Advanced and Extreme survival courses.
  • Pass the Level 3 Ranger exam.

This course is available only to students who have completed the Ranger program and have shown dedication to Boswa Survival and passion for bushcraft and survival !

Course Duration : 1-3 Years
Course Price : R1995-00 per exam.

Exams, certification and badges are included.

2018 Course dates : Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a survival instructor.

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“Becoming a Survival Instructor is a personal journey that will test you, challenge you and humble you … to be a true survival instructor means putting your students needs before your own and earn your place as instructor with integrity, passion and humbleness !” Herman Roos – CHIEF INSTRUCTOR BOSWA

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