“Practical field primitive skills …”

On this incredible bushcraft course you will learn primitive skills and make all your kit from natural materials. You will use your own made kit in the field on a Nomad-style hike into the mountains.

This course is for those adventurers and outdoors men that want to master the skills to be able to provide in all your survival and campcraft needs in the field. This is an advanced bushcraft course and you will need basic carving and bushcraft skills to become a “Woodsman”.


* Make a survival pack from sticks and a blanket.
* Make a primitive survival knife from flint.
* Make a sleeping mat from grass.
* Make a fire kit from charcloth and flint.
* Learn advanced bushcraft knots.
* Make a compass from wood.
* Forage for food and locate drinking water.
* Experience what nomadic people lived like.

For this course you will pack your own survival food and cook it on the trail Nomad style. You will sleep under the stars next to a campfire using the kit that you have made on the course …

Course Duration : 2 Night/2 Day … Course Size : Maximum 15 Students … Course Price : R1495-00

This course is open to anyone regardless of age or ability and a life changing experience that anyone must do !

LIMITED SPACE … Treat yourself, bring a FRIEND or buy this course as a GIFT VOUCHER …

Trekking location fees, all materials, certification, logbook and badge are included.

2019 Course dates : 13-15 September

2020 Course dates : 25-26 January

Advanced Bushcraft Course (13-15 Sep)
Nomad Course (Kit List)

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you do not want to miss. Marius Steyl (Boswa Senior Instructor) have spent more than 3 years in northern Canada furthering his bushcraft skills which he will share with you on this course  !” Herman Roos – BOSWA INSTRUCTOR

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