“Learn how to skin an animal in the field …”

On this 1-day bushcraft buck skinning course you will learn how to skin an animal in the field. After this course you will be able to skin an animal effectively to use all available meat and products from the animal for your needs in the field …


  • Skinning an animal
  • Tanning and working the skin to make products
  • Meat cuts
  • Preserving the meat in the field
  • Identifying fresh edible meat and more …

This course is open to anyone regardless of age or ability and we will teach you all you need to know to skin effectively in the field. This is an awesome course that anyone must do !

LIMITED SPACE … Treat yourself, bring a FRIEND or buy this course as a GIFT VOUCHER …

Lunch, all materials, certification and badge are included in the course price.

2019 Course dates : 25 May / 24 August / 16 November

Buck Skinning Course (25 May 2019)
Buck Skinning Course Kit List

“Learning how to skin an animal and provide in all your needs in the field is a very important skill to learn. We need to get our hands dirty and be able to provide in all your survival needs !” Herman Roos – INSTRUCTOR

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