“Your Journey of Discovery starts here …”

Begin your journey of discovery on this weekend survival course where  you will learn the principles of survival from a safe and comfortable bushcamp.

Survival skills is expertly demonstrated and explained by our instructors before trying the skills yourself. This course is structured to allow student interaction with the instructor to encourage a student to challenge his/her own abilities and to master skills at their own pace.


* The basic principles of survival in the outdoors.
* How to pack a survival kit.
* How to safely use and sharpen your knife.
* How to make cordage and rope from plants.
* How to find shelter for protection.
* How to make fire including fire by friction.
* How to find food and trap animals in the wild.
* How to find, collect, filter and purify water.
* How to navigate accurately in the outdoors.
* How to treat basic injuries in the outdoors.
* How to get rescued.

A food ration pack is included in the course and you will sleep comfortably in a hammock which is a great experience if you have never slept in a hammock under the stars before.

Course Duration : 2 days / 1 night … Course Size : Maximum 15 Students … Course Price : R1295-00

This course is open to anyone regardless of age, experience or physical ability …

LIMITED SPACE … Treat yourself, bring a FRIEND or buy this course as a GIFT VOUCHER …

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Ration pack meals, hammock accommodation, certification, logbook and badge are included.

2019 Course dates : 3-4 August / 7-8 September / 5-6 October / 2-3 November / 7-8 December

2020 Course dates : 11-12 January / 8-9 February / 14-15 March

Basic Survival Course (3 Aug)
Basic Survival Course Kit List 2

“The BASIC SURVIVAL Course is truly an experience of a lifetime and you will leave this course with a new sense of adventure and with skills and knowledge that could someday save your life !”

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